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*Some hard facts

Peerzada Arshad Hamid

Although it is an acknowledged fact that there has been a steep increase in
the number of psychiatric patients particularly post traumatic stress
disorders and further increase cannot be ruled out owing to the unending
violence. Little is done by government to curb the burgeoning number of such

The awareness programmes which Department of Health or Social Welfare could
easily manage to organise for education of masses about stress related
problems are not given try.

The most disturbing thing that I came to know during my fellowship period is
that attitude of the University of Kashmir towards prevailing situation in
Kashmir society is totally lackadaisical. Despite being the highest seat of
learning in the valley and running research programmes  in its various
departments like Sociology, Master in Social work (MSW), Psychology, Media
Education Research Centre (MERC), not  a single study has been carried out
on the impact of violence on society or reasons for increasing number of
psychiatric patients in Kashmir after 1989.

The desire of one of the teachers at the Department of Psychology took me
unawares when I asked her for the apathetic reasons of the University
vis-à-vis conflict and its implications on Kashmiri society. "I feel such
type of study should have been the very much part of the academic curriculum
but unfortunately it is no," she said pleading not to be named.

Amalgamation of mental health with general health should be made so that
more and more people can consult psychiatrists freely at the initial stages
of problem. Services of psychiatrists should be kept available at the OPD's
pf District hospitals for the convenience of people living in villages and
far flung areas.

Fall out of stress and trauma has forced many juveniles to take harder
substance to find temporary solace.

Considerable chunk of youth from both rural and urban Kashmir are said to
consume drugs and rely on intra-venal injections. They have become drug

Depressive disorders have led to increase in the suicidal tendencies among
the people in Kashmir and reports of suicides occupy the news holes as and
when reported.

There is need for setting up of de-stressing centres, where people with
stress related problems could be provided rehabilitation and sense of living
in them.

Peerzada Arshad Hamid

Baba mohalla Bijbehara
c/o Tak Trading Company Bijbehara
Jammu & Kashmir

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