[Reader-list] Kerala logs Microsoft out

fmadre at free.fr fmadre at free.fr
Mon Aug 28 16:36:55 IST 2006

sure, but isn't the cola ban more important ? at least it seems to me to be
really specific of india, I have heard of no such move anywhere in the world
pepsi and coca have much more users than microsoft and they are using those
products from their own "free will" (or something like that... ads, etc)
whereas most microsoft users have the product thrust on them and are mostly
helpless about it


Quoting Yogesh Girdhar <machine at zerosofzeta.com>:
> This is good news. I hope rest of the country follows.
> ----------------
> URL: http://www.financialexpress.com/latest_full_story.php?content_id=138497
> Kerala logs Microsoft out
> Thiruvananthapruam, August 26:  After the cola ban, it is now the turn
> of Microsoft to log out of Kerala.

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