[Reader-list] Police stops screening of Jashn-e-Azadi

Amitabh Kumar amitabh at sarai.net
Wed Aug 1 11:55:11 IST 2007

The way I understand it.. 'nationalism and patriotism' are not so  
bankrupt a phenomenon so as to be divorced of  'secularism &  
However, the figure of 'we' the 'suffer'ers in your argument is  
interesting. Is it geographically bound or otherwise? Whats the  
imagination of 'we'?
  Is it 'We' the Indians? Or 'We- The Hindu's"? Or ' We- Who hate all  
religions but our own' or 'We- who only hate Muslims and Christians'   
or ' We - who hate'  or  ' We-  In a bad mood today'?

On 31-Jul-07, at 11:33 PM, Vedavati Jogi wrote:

> india must be the only country on this earth where 'nationalism'  
> and 'patriotism' are ridiculed ....i think this must be  the reason
> why we had to suffer at the hands of muslim & christian invaders  
> for more than thousand years, moreover why this country was  
> partitioned in 1947 !
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