[Reader-list] Police firing in Andhra Pradesh

Patrice Riemens patrice at xs4all.nl
Thu Aug 2 12:42:16 IST 2007

Daer Prakash Ray,

It would be difficult for me to participate in this discussion, since I am 
a bit far, geographically speaking, from it. But if it can gives you any 
kind of satisafction (not really the good word, but OK...), know that the 
police firing you refer too has been world news, also in our, fairly 
provincial, press.

My only hope would be that police firings in India, which used to be daily 
stapple of the newspapers when I was student at DSE, will happen even less 
often (and get massive exposure when they do), so as to get in the same 
situation as in the 'West', where there incidence would herald the end of 
the system as we know it (do not be mistaken, p.f. were not uncommon over 
here till after World War II, and in Southern Europe till into the 
cheers from Groningen (NL), patrizio & Diiiinooos!

On Thu, Aug 02, 2007 at 12:00:49PM +0530, prakash ray wrote:
> You all are aware about the police firing in Mudigonda in Khammam district
> of Andhra Pradesh which killed six people. I am surprised on the silence on
> the reader list which had series of debates and discussions and informations
> about the Nandigram incident (though the entire episode was totally
> overlooked by many on the list). I don't doubt the emotional and political
> levels of the people around, but it is certainly disappointing to see such
> silence.
> I hope we will be able to respond to the happenings around us in more
> responsible manner and without being selective about the victims.
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