[Reader-list] Police firing in Andhra Pradesh

Tapas Ray tapasrayx at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 16:36:03 IST 2007

One is yet to hear what Prakash Ray himself has to say about the Khammam 


prakash ray wrote:
> You all are aware about the police firing in Mudigonda in Khammam district
> of Andhra Pradesh which killed six people. I am surprised on the silence on
> the reader list which had series of debates and discussions and informations
> about the Nandigram incident (though the entire episode was totally
> overlooked by many on the list). I don't doubt the emotional and political
> levels of the people around, but it is certainly disappointing to see such
> silence.
> I hope we will be able to respond to the happenings around us in more
> responsible manner and without being selective about the victims.

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