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Tue Aug 7 15:48:03 IST 2007

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*Rashneek's Response* :-

*I wasnt surprised and shocked to read what a film maker had to write on his
blog about a "group of people"who have made it a mission to follow the film
and stop it from circulating.What wishful thinking? Alas delusions of
megalomania cant come in better ways than this.Dont we all know these
wannabe Noam Chomskys are in constant fear of argument thats why they dont
publish comments that arent really favourable to them in their blog.*
Now,who is this small group of people and are they really following the
movie as much as the film maker belives.The Film maker is only and I use the
word only a FILM MAKER.Roots in Kashmir activists are not a small
group,one...they are more than 700 young Kashmiri Pandits across the
globe(where there Mujahideen tormentors threw them),two they are
executives,teachers,art historians and of course students...who have much
more to do to earn their livelihood than to simply follow this biased

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*Aditya Raj's Response* :-

*Sanjay Kak's Safar-e-Aazadi and Yasin Malik's Jashan-e-Aazadi. Or, Am I
confused? Oh yes its the other way round, but how does it matter to the
common Kashmiri's. The only difference is that one is the puppet and the
other is the puppet's thread puller.

Sanjay Kak obviously irritated because of the amount of criticism his masala
movie is receiving and also lately the Police has also stopped his
screenings and confiscated his DVD's in Mumbai. In mere frustration he
blasted off writing an article targeting a young group of Kashmiri Pandits
and some others for this mess up, not realising what he was bouncing his
fingers on.

Obviously, his masters wouldn't be so happy with him because of the negative
success he is getting lately because of this youth group called ROOTS IN
KASHMIR <http://www.rootsinkashmir.wordpress.com/>.
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*Nishant's Response* :-

*(not sure whether he will allow it on his blog...Sanjay Kak talks of
freedom,yet his blog is moderated...irony....or joke)*
There was a mail invitation doing the rounds of the "E-mail Fwd Circuit",
which spoke of a Documentary made by this young Indian filmmaker with many
accolades and awards for his past portfolio of work in the "Festival
Circuit". *

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* couldn't pass the filters of moderation, I am posting my note/open letter
and five questions to Sanjay Kak here. Hope Sanjay would oblige with some
words of wisdom?Read complete post here... *

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