[Reader-list] Use Jihadis to resolve Kashmir issue & Jihad against USA, says Pak Govt., officia

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Thu Aug 9 09:59:25 IST 2007

What else does one expect out of Pakistan.Whoever said Kashmiri Freedom
struggle was indigeneous and started the Jashn may eat his words please.
This report has been carried by Greater Kashmir also today.
Pan-Islamic Expansion in the garb of something as sacred and pious as
It was for nothing that the first call of "indpendence" of kashmir was AZADI
KA MATLAB KYA LA-ILLAH ILLAAH.They already knew the source and the today
someone suddenly removed the lambs attire to find a wolf in it.



On 8/8/07, Kshmendra Kaul <kshmendra2005 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Use Jihadis to resolve Kashmir issue & Jihad against USA, says Pakistan
> Govt., official
> - by Kshmendra Kaul
> Pakistan's Parliamentary Secretary for Defence has stated that the Kashmir
> issue will not be resolved on the table. He has suggested that free entry
> should be allowed to the Jihadis into Kashmir and that kind of facilitation
> would resolve the Kashmir issue in one month.
> Major (Rtd.) Syed Tanveer Hussain made these comments during a foreign
> policy debate on Aug 7, 2007 in the National Assembly of Pakistan.
> Tanveer Hussain also stated during the course of the debate that the CIA
> was orchestrating the slaying of Chinese nationals in Pakistan. He called
> for raising the slogan of Jihad to take revenge against United States of
> America.
> This was reported by "The News" which is a part of the Jang Group of
> Pakistan. The Group also runs the GEO network of TV stations.
> The comments by Tanveer Hussain will command special attention because of
> his position as the top-ranking bureaucrat in Pakistan's Ministry of
> Defence. With an Army General as the ruler of Pakistan, the significance of
> the opinion expressed by such a highly placed official in the Ministry of
> Defence will not be ignored.
> The comments by Tanveer Hussain, are a complete negation of the professed
> stance of the Govt of Pakistan on what routes it declares it will follow for
> the betterment of relations with India and in the resolution of "issues"
> between the two countries.
> Perhaps the United States of America also would be caught completely
> off-guard by an official of Govt. of Pakistan expressing such views and
> especially the calling for Jihad against the USA.
> It is extremely unlikely that Pakistan's Parliamentary Secretary of
> Defence would have ventured or dared to make such comments without the
> expressed approval of Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz and certainly not without
> the permission of General Musharraf.
> How India and USA will react, remains to be seen.
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> Based on report from http://www.thenews.com.pk/updates.asp?id=27165
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