[Reader-list] Fwd: Our Histories, Our Timelines: 11th August 2007, 5 pm onwards

Priya Sen senpriya at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 09:27:44 IST 2007

*From Then to Now: Our Histories, Our Timelines*

August 11, 1992 saw India's first protest which used the vocabulary of gay
rights. It protested against the police raids on gay men cruising in Central
Park, Connought Place and asserted the importance of choice in matters of
love, sex and sexuality.

Come to discuss and witness a short visual presentation on the journey that
we've made since these first queer stirrings of the early nineties. Come to
hear stories about red-roses, half-secret meetings, lesbian-gay magazines,
film-festivals and jantar-mantar marches, of hook-up websites and sunday
socials, and of many more promises, lures and seductions!

Following the presentation and discussion at the Attic we shall proceed on
to a silent March at CP to mark the 15th Anniversary of the ABVA protest. To
re-own the spaces which were barred from us. To make our own queer city!

Through a participatory retelling in the present, we defragment our pasts,
thereby composing our own stories, free ourselves from the *invisibility* of
others, rendering us wholly more confident to determine the future.

Join Nigah in this journey to celebrate moments and histories which have
shaped our births and lives, secrets and voices.

*Date:* 11th August 2007*  *
*Time:* 05.00 pm onwards
*Venue:* The Attic (above the People Tree)

36 Regal Building, Parliament Street

Connaught Place, New Delhi

Nearest metro station: Rajiv Chowk

Parking: Hanuman Mandir/DLF Centre

Bus Stop: Palika Kendra/Regal Cinema

See you there!

- The Nigah Team

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