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Yousuf ysaeed7 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 13 22:08:07 IST 2007

I agree with you - the efforts of stopping a screening
are not right - the group of people who are against
this film are certainly a desparate lot, probably
because no one seems to be listening to them (as
someone among them said "the film rubs salt with their
wounds"). But someone needs to take an initiative to
create a congenial atmosphere where they can probably
be invited formally for a screening and a discussion.

Why don't we make an invitation right on this forum
(or Sarai-list etc.) to the group of people who are
against the film, to come and join us for a "peaceful"
screening and a more civilized debate where issues can
be discussed in a more friendly and fruitful manner.
And let us see how is the response. I think some of
those protesting against the film did say on the Sarai
list that they are NOT against the showing of the
film. So let us start an online poll or petition
(primarily for those against the film) to find whether
they are seriously interested in a healthy screening
and dialogue or not. It may be of benefit to everyone.

--- Saba Dewan <sabadewan at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Yousuf,
> I agree with you that we need to hear out and
> respond to the best of our
> abilities peoples' objections to our film. However I
> do think that you are
> blurring the boundaries between people's right to
> protest against a
> film/painting/book they find offensive and their
> mode of protest. Few film
> makers would have a problem about letting people in
> to a screening and
> engaging with them in a critical debate - AFTER THE
> FILM IS OVER. Come and
> watch my film, rip it apart if you must post
> screening and if even then if
> it continues to rankle go ahead and put your point
> of view across in as many
> public foras as you can. Write, paint, make a film
> or just talk to other
> like minded people and come up with ways of
> democratic protest. Whether I
> agree or not with your point of view I have no
> problems with this at all .
> But if on the other hand you choose to protest by
> wanting  to disrupt the
> screening of a film (and in most cases succeeding) -
> how democratic is that
> ? As I see it this amounts to violating freedom of
> expression along with a
> bankruptcy of  an alternate point of view. The irony
> is that in most cases
> people who come baying for stopping a film have
> actually not even seen it
> for themselves. What kind of debate is possible in
> such a scenario? And
> whose freedom of expression is to be protected here
> ?
> Cheers
> Saba
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