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A laudable suggestion by Yousuf to see the Kashmir film jointly both by the
supporters and the opponents of the film. But before that why not a similar
session of joint reading of 'Satanic Verses' by Salman Rushdie by the
supporters and the opponents of the great novel.

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> I agree with you - the efforts of stopping a screening
> are not right - the group of people who are against
> this film are certainly a desparate lot, probably
> because no one seems to be listening to them (as
> someone among them said "the film rubs salt with their
> wounds"). But someone needs to take an initiative to
> create a congenial atmosphere where they can probably
> be invited formally for a screening and a discussion.
> Why don't we make an invitation right on this forum
> (or Sarai-list etc.) to the group of people who are
> against the film, to come and join us for a "peaceful"
> screening and a more civilized debate where issues can
> be discussed in a more friendly and fruitful manner.
> And let us see how is the response. I think some of
> those protesting against the film did say on the Sarai
> list that they are NOT against the showing of the
> film. So let us start an online poll or petition
> (primarily for those against the film) to find whether
> they are seriously interested in a healthy screening
> and dialogue or not. It may be of benefit to everyone.
> --- Saba Dewan <sabadewan at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dear Yousuf,
>> I agree with you that we need to hear out and
>> respond to the best of our
>> abilities peoples' objections to our film. However I
>> do think that you are
>> blurring the boundaries between people's right to
>> protest against a
>> film/painting/book they find offensive and their
>> mode of protest. Few film
>> makers would have a problem about letting people in
>> to a screening and
>> engaging with them in a critical debate - AFTER THE
>> FILM IS OVER. Come and
>> watch my film, rip it apart if you must post
>> screening and if even then if
>> it continues to rankle go ahead and put your point
>> of view across in as many
>> public foras as you can. Write, paint, make a film
>> or just talk to other
>> like minded people and come up with ways of
>> democratic protest. Whether I
>> agree or not with your point of view I have no
>> problems with this at all .
>> But if on the other hand you choose to protest by
>> wanting  to disrupt the
>> screening of a film (and in most cases succeeding) -
>> how democratic is that
>> ? As I see it this amounts to violating freedom of
>> expression along with a
>> bankruptcy of  an alternate point of view. The irony
>> is that in most cases
>> people who come baying for stopping a film have
>> actually not even seen it
>> for themselves. What kind of debate is possible in
>> such a scenario? And
>> whose freedom of expression is to be protected here
>> ?
>> Cheers
>> Saba
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