[Reader-list] What about Poll results from POK and Ladakh? (CNN-IBN, DAWN, INDIAN EXPRESS POLL on KASHMIR/INDIA/PAKISTAN)

Kshmendra Kaul kshmendra2005 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 15 14:30:57 IST 2007

  What about Poll results from POK and Ladakh?
  by Kshmendra Kaul
  Significant geographical areas that seem to have been left out in the Poll are Ladakh and  what is called Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) in India.
  Part of POK is referred to by Pakistan as Azad Kashmir. Contrary to the Indian position, the geographical regions of Gilgit and Baltistan are considered by Pakistan as not being a part of "Disputed Kashmir".
  Unless there are some unknown developments, Ladakh is very much a part of "disputed Kashmir".
  Why these exclusions? The Poll loses it's credibility by not  presenting viewpoints that encompass all of the disputed "Kashmir".
  What makes it stranger is that Poll results from Jammu and Srinagar are highlighted in the summaries. One would have thought that such summaries will also be presented from Ladakh, Muzzafarabad, Mirpur, Gilgit etc
  Is it being suggested that Jammu and Kashmir are disputed areas but  Ladakh and POK (including Gilgit and Baltistan) are not? Do the people of Ladakh and POK have no say in the "Kashmir" dispute?
  What is surprising is that two Indian organisations Indian Express and IBN-CNN have allowed this distorted representation to take place. If it is not by conscious collusion then it certainly is by ignorant enthusiasm. It only serves to strengthen the impression held by many in India that the India's English Media is "more separatist than the separatists".
  To the credit of DAWN of Pakistan, their reporting of the Poll is very balanced. DAWN covers various topics and areas of common interest and makes no derivative value judgments. 
  In comparison the "Indian" duo of Yogendra Yadav and Sanjay Kumar are obsessively focused on the "Valley" and gleefully highlight aspects of the Poll that will feed the "separatists". 
  Yogendra Yadav and Sanjay Kumar are also woefully unaware of the regions they are commenting upon. The Poll has confined itself to Srinagar and yet the duo call the results as those from the "Valley". They obviously have no idea that Srinagar is only a small part of the "Valley". 
  Using the 2005 Electoral Rolls as a guideline, Srinagar voters account for 0.67mil (22%) out of 3.11mil in all of Kashmir "Valley". So any Poll results out of Srinagar can by no stretch of imagination be called as being representative of the "Valley".
  Interestingly Srinagar voters are only 11% of the total eligible voters in all of Indian controlled J&K
  In Jammu 255 people were polled and in Srinagar the number was 226, a ratio of 1:1.13. However, there are 1,058,540 voters in Jammu and 673,648 in Srinagar, a ratio of 1:1.57. The sample sizes chosen from Jammu and Srinagar have some inexplicable and certainly not credible rationale.
  Similarly, with India's population five times larger than that of Pakistan, the respective sample sizes of 2030 and 1010 are askew and make little sense. 

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