[Reader-list] Fwd: More on constructing Taslima: Response to Shuddha, and others

ARNAB CHATTERJEE apnawritings at yahoo.co.in
Fri Aug 17 14:12:52 IST 2007

Dear Shuddha,
             I had posted this text at SARAI list
ysterday noon and had sent a copy to Iram yesterday
evening, but it didn't go through due to a "technical
problem" as Iram tells me today and having learnt
again now from yr post that in the second mail you
deal with my questions, hopefully you take into
account the questions raised in this text too, since
technically it is before yr response--as u see my dear
shuddha, but luckily u got through and my one got
stuck. But u must raise it from the dead, shouldn't u?

love amd luck
yr in admiration

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