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Dear Yousuf,
I have not seen the films  mentioned by Ms Shoni Ghosh, but I know about 
some of them. Those are about the crisis of communalism in Bangladesh 
society. Bangladesh has/had a small but vibrant intellectuals fighting the 
islamic communalism like Humayun Azad (killed by islamists), Taslima Nasrin 
(in exile), Salam Azad (in exile), Shariar Kabir (physically harmed by 
islamists), National Professor Kabir Chowdhury, Professor Muntasir Mamun 
(History, Dhaka University, jailed a number of times) and others. Prof Abul 
Barkat (Economics, Dhaka University) has done excellent detailed works on 
the beconomic aspects of ethnic cleansing of theHindus from Bangladesh, 
Bangladesh press (before the censorship of the present military regime) also 
has done commendable work in publishing the regular attacks on the minority 
Hindu-Buddhist-Christians-Adibasis. However Bengali and Indian secular press 
and intellectuals have alwaya maintained silence about that. And no film on 
that huge issue of one of the largest continuing ethnic cleansing of 

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>> Dear Yousuf:
>> For some reason I can't post on the Reader's list so
>> I am sending you this mail directly. You may want to
>> add the following to the list of films from
>> Bangladesh.The last two are devoted to the
>> contemporary - actually so is Nina's film. .
>> 1. The Clay Bird - Tareque and Catherine
>> 2. A Certain Liberation- Yasmina Nina Kabir
>> 3. Teardrops of Karnaphuli- Tanvir Mokammel
>> 4. Muslims or Heretics? - Naeem Mohammad
>> All these films address the crisis of communalism.
>> Love
>> Shohini
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