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Sun Aug 19 23:29:41 IST 2007

CHAK DE INDIA  -"A simple film with a good heart."       
             This is a strange comparison. Last Friday I saw amitabh talking about one of his favorite movie AMAR, AKBAR, ANTHONY on CNN-IBN. He said that when manmohan desai was making this movie no one believes that so illogical plot works. So much stereotypes and so much cliches are there that we all laugh on that. But there was something in it that connected direct to the audience. All stereotypes, cliches were vanished and plot worked. So.. What was that?
             I called it heart on the right place! Last week when I was watching CHAK DE INDIA I felt the same. With such stupid scenes like the one when kabir khan leaving his home and a boy said to his father, "papa manu bhi gaddar dekhna hai." Bad. Or all the board meetings where the board head is saying, "ye chakla-belan chalane wali bhartiya nariya hain." Hey man don't create cliches like that again and again. Indian cinema moved beyond that. But still with all that I like the movie. It has something in it like the A3.
            At the first place. Acknowledge this fact that in Indian mainstream cinema u didn't saw a Muslim as a hero for long time. As our biggest icon and idol, SRK also playing raaj, rahul or veer pratap singh or mohan bhargva after a small role in hey ram' as amzad khan. Acknowledge that as a writer it's difficult for jaideep sahni to convince yashraj on a story which has a leading man called 'kabir khan'.
            CHAK DE INDIA is an average film. Nothing new that stands apart. But chak de is a film with heart. As a sports film it captures the right story, the underdog story. Hockey is the most wasted sport for India in our times and in women's hockey the case is worst. So like the most celebrated sports film India had... LAGAAN, chak de is also blended with the same underdog becomes winner story line. And u all know this fact that if Tom and Jerry fight happened, tom came out as winner each time! This is the main essence of storytelling.
  Shahrukh is acted with none of his KING KHAN style first time after SWADES. Although it's true that SWADES is a much better film in every department, Chak de is in the same compartment. With a good storyline (that's the biggest good in the movie) it ensembles a rainbow of characters from each part of the country. The challenge for coach is to build a team from 16 different identities. And With that he provides the ultimate strength India has, "unity in diversity".
  The stand out character is komal choutala with his hariyanvi accent but special mention to bindiya naik. Only girl stands with srk on acting level. Shilpa shukla played this character with all his skill she acquired in her theatre life so far.  Actually the credit goes to the writer who defined every small character so well. Jaideep... You proved me again. What I wrote after KHOSLA KA GHOSLA, you maintained my words. Keep the good work going!
  I don't have much knowledge but it looks like the camera work is little loose. The match is not looking that great as an ESPN telecast looks. Give your opinion on that? All movie technocrat friends are invited on this. Shammi, sanjay, nidhi... I am waiting on that...
  The climax with penalty shootout was too predictable. Create little more drama next time.
  After all... A simple film with a good heart. The rating is 3/5.
  Enjoy rain...
  ...miHir :)

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