[Reader-list] Use Jihadis to resolve Kashmir issue & Jihad against USA, says Pak Govt., offic

yasir ~ yasir.media at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 20:05:07 IST 2007


1  iqbal pundit

I think you need to read my comment better.
i dont see a point of disagreement.

2  Kashmiri History and Islam

Please offer a url, a reference.

3  hindustani anthems

I am heartened to see the islamist / muslim, hindutva / indian
distinctions you are implying altough details i am sure will get

4  hamara iqbal

you have my comments re your narrow reading.

the syncretist metaphors in tarana-i-hind may usefully be compared
with tarana-i-milli which uses islamic metaphors / references such as
tauheed muslim khuda etc. i think thats good enough.

5  hate

i fail to see the relevance of this topic. sounds like slippage.

6.  jihadis

i agree. they are not done with iraq and afghanistan just yet. neither
is the patriotic indian army done kashmir or manipur. afraid i cant
argue on this line much further.


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