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By Khabrein Staff Reporter,

New Delhi, August 20: Clerics at world renowned seminary Darul Uloom
Deoband (waqf) have denounced fatwa against controversial Bangladeshi
author Taslima Nasreen saying that the fatwa in itself was illegal.
Prominent muftis of the madrasa Maulana Khursheed Alam, Asst. rector
of the seminary Mufti Ehsan Qasmi, Mufti Muhammad Arif and Maulana
Abdullah Jawed said that in a democratic and secular country like
India a fatwa like the one that sought beheading of Taslima Nasreen
was not based on a sharia law.

A cleric in Kolkata had issued a fatwa or a death warrant Friday
against Taslima Nasreen if she did no leave India. "Anybody
eliminating her would be given Rs 100,000 and unlimited rewards if she
does not leave the country immediately. She has insulted Islam and
continued to create problem in this country," said Syed Noor-ur-Rehman
Barkati, the shahi imam of Tippu Sultan Mosque in Kolkata. He went on
to say that "We are forced to issue such a warrant because the
government is not making use of the constitutional provisions and
driving her out of the country".

"She should leave within a month," he said after the meeting that was
attended by some of the major Muslim organisations of India, including
All India Sunni Ulema Board and representatives from Hyderabad where
she was attacked.

The clerics at Deoband have said that if anyone was averse to the idea
of Taslima Nasreen living in the country the best course would be to
approach a court in this regard. They said that Barkati's fatwa went
against the ethos of Islam and also the law of the land.

In the meantime the government has extended Taslima Nasreen's visa for
another six month. The disgraced Bangladeshi author has been living in
exile for 12 years and currently holds a European Union passport
issued by the Swedish government — as her Bangladeshi passport stands
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