[Reader-list] Guests in Vedavati's house

Tapas Ray tapasrayx at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 06:24:34 IST 2007

There also are laws specific to Hindus - at least for property and
marriage. Would all Hindus be willing to give these up and embrace a 
uniform civil code?


S.Fatima wrote:

 > And cultural diversity demands that not everyone is forced to live
 > the same way, with a uniform culture and laws. If I
 > stayed back in India, I did so because I wanted to
 > live in a multicutural country. Now if I am asked to
 > live under conditions of uniformity, then what's the
 > point of my not migrating to Pakistan. If my right to
 > live with my culture is denied, then I might as well
 > leave India. But where else can I go - there is no
 > other place in the world that I can call home.

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