[Reader-list] Copies of Sachar Committee Report Available

Pawan Durani pawan.durani at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 09:50:10 IST 2007

Mr Yogi ,

It would be intresting to go through the book . However if you have read
that book I would like to know has the Sachhar Commiittee report made any
mention of non coeperation from poorer class among muslims when it came to
progressive ideas.

These poor and uneductaed people had mostly been driven by maulvis to drive
the ideas . Had these poor people understood about planning their family ,
educating their children, I believe the situation would have been different.

But as Sachhar Committe report goes, it gives a picture of result, not the
cause of result.

Juz my ideas


Pawan Durani

On 8/22/07, Yogi Sikand <ysikand at gmail.com> wrote:
> Sachar Committee Report (High Level Committee Report on the Status of
> the Muslim Community of India )
> A few copies of the High Level Committee Report on the Status of the
> Muslim Community of India (Justice Sachar Committee report) are
> available with us.
> To buy the report please contact us on:
> Global Media Publications
> E-14, AFE, Jamia Nagar,
> Okhla, New Delhi-25
> E-mail: info at gmpublications.com
> Tel: 9818327757
> The report can also be ordered online: www.gmublications.com
> For orders from India, copies are priced at Rs. 600 each (including
> postage)
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