[Reader-list] How someone "well connected" got RIK screening Cancelled

Pawan Durani pawan.durani at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 10:51:41 IST 2007

Rashneek ,

Wonderful job done to expose the person who speaks something and ends of
doing exactly the opposite.

Sanjay kak teaches free speach while as in his blog he moderates many of
theviews which creates an argument opposing what he likes to propogate

Again Sanjay Kak got screening of "And the World Remained Silent" cancelled
at kamla Nehru College and when his got cancelled , the CRY BABY started to

I even heard that when police caled him , Sanjay told the police that he was
not even aware that movie is being screened , and he ended up again on his
blog with what he does best .....CRYING.....

Also I have heard that Sanjay is planning to distribute the DVD of his movie
which euglosis Jihad and sepratism . I am sure the law would reach him .

It's good to be liberal ....but it is even better to identify a "hidden
agenda" of these kind of movie makers.

Pawan Durani

On 8/25/07, rashneek kher <rashneek at gmail.com> wrote:
> It was a very sad day for all of us at RIK. When I should have been
> posting
> the pictures of our screening at Kamla Nehru College, which was to be
> screened today, I am writing this post to pre-empt another bundle of lies
> and self pity which the Jashn-e-Azadi team will come out with. Let me put
> the sequence of events straight.
> We had approached Kamla Nehru College for a screening of the
> documentary"And
> the World Remained Silent" and were given permission to screen the movie
> on
> 24th of Aug at 2.30 PM.We had accordingly put the date of screening on our
> blog. Even in our recordings of Agrasen Collge Screening we had ended
> saying
> "See you at Kamla Nehru College on Friday the 24th,Aug".
> Our activist Pooja got a message from the college authorities on Tuesday
> saying they could not screen our movie because they were booked for
> sometime. We suspected "someone" was playing games and trying to scuttle
> our
> screening. Accordingly we went to the forums and posted on our blog (
> http://kashmiris-in-exile.blogspot.com) the news of cancellation of our
> screening.It was late that night that one our friends from Kamla Nehru
> college told us that at that same slot on the same day Jashn-e-Azadi was
> now
> being screened .Well we could understand Sanjay Kak being revengeful to
> the
> extent that he would get our movie cancelled by using his CONTACTS in the
> college but we had never imagined he would "teach us a lesson" by showing
> his movie on the same slot on the same day. How someone who has projected
> himself as a champion of free speech and right to expression was stooping
> so
> low as to "teach a lesson" to people who simply did not agree with his
> genre
> of movie making.
> Since we are not well connected we again went to people, the forums and
> the
> SARAI readers list and posted Nishant Dudha's post on Wedensday saying
> that
> someone had got our movie screening cancelled and had got a slot for his
> own
> movie at the same time same day.
> Sad and hurt by the attitude of the college authorities there was little
> one
> could do, since they were acting on someone's behest, someone so
> revengeful
> that he simply wanted to censor our movie from the face of the college.
> Since we are not known to Film Clubs, Leftist leaning one book wonders and
> self proclaimed champions of freedom and democracy ,we went to the Police
> Station next to the venue where Sanjay Kak had manipulated his way into.
> We
> filed a complaint and since Sanjay Kak is breaking the law of the land by
> screening a movie which does not have necessary censor certificate, the
> Police did the rest.
> We have learnt a lesson, and learnt it well. Sanjay Kak is a well
> connected
> man and he can ensure that we can't screen our movie if he does not want
> to.
> He can use his contacts and his blog to generate self pity and sympathy
> for
> his movie by being a CRY BABY. Anyone can cry hoarse by saying how his
> right
> to speech is being trampled by Police and Authorities but then he would
> never be honest to admit how he himself uses his contacts to get
> screenings
> of his detractors scuttled.
> Ironic how "liberal  intellectuals" behave when they feel insecure!
> --
> Rashneek Kher
> http://www.nietzschereborn.blogspot.com
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