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Kshmendra Kaul kshmendra2005 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 25 17:00:44 IST 2007

  "Thank You" for the earlier Obit of Qurrat ul Ain Hyder, and this delightful satire about Iqbal's "taa'ir".
  The Obit of QH is a reaffirmation of my thought that Muslims are an intrinsic part of India and those amongst them who are men and women of "substance" have refused and will  continue to refuse to be swayed by Pakistani/Jihadi propaganda. Glad that some Pakistanis will get to read some more about it through the Obit. 
  Prof Muhammad Umar Memon's version is in keeping with his reputation as being an excellent translator of Urdu literary works into English.
  Reading the piece, I hardly ever felt that it was not in Urdu. All the right nuances of imagery so ably worded. 
  Since you are a person who commands respect and attention in Pakistan (a fairly safe assumption) try and have Zia Mohyeddin include the original Urdu version in his repertoire of "readings".  What a delight it will be.
  Kshmendra Kaul
  yasir ~ <yasir.media at gmail.com> wrote:
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