[Reader-list] How someone "well connected" got RIK

Aditya Raj Kaul adityarajkaul at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 10:31:27 IST 2007

> Its indeed sad to see when at one point some people cry about freedom of
> expression and on the other side scuttle the the same freedom of the other
> viewpoint on the same issue. Doesn't this reflect some kind of insecurity in
> the mind of the conspirator ?

 With the events going on for past few months its somewhat clear that this
so called director tries his best to gain sympathy by his "CRY BABY"
attitude on his Moderated Blog. Incidently, his last line on one of
his recent post claim - "Abuse will have to tricle down elsewhere' whereas
its his own habbit now to be abusive in many of his posts in desperate
frustration. Maybe, someone isn't too happy with him.

Yasin Malik and Sanjay Kak, how synonmys have these two names become over
the last few months. Its quite clear that the brainchild of Safar-e-azadi
and Jashn-e-azadi are the same. Just that one is the puppet and the other
its thread puller.

I may even start getting threatning calls from terrorists after typing truth
here in this post. But, that is how the contacts of this "individual" work.

His idea of Freedom of Expression and Press is confined to his own
playground. He does not want others to enjoy that right. Can screenings only
be done by "media savy Directors"; and not by the common people and
activists fighting for their rights. How tragic can this get ?

Aditya Raj Kaul

Aditya Raj Kaul
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