[Reader-list] How someone "well connected" got RIK screening Cancelled

Shveta shveta at sarai.net
Sun Aug 26 12:00:08 IST 2007

> I would provide the list very soon. Also reveal the name of the "financer"
> of Sanjay Kak's movie.


The pace and logic of comic books is structured around the presence of 
that "mastermind with a diabolical interest" who is behind every social 
act. It's interesting how this keeps returning in our thought processes, 
taking away the possibility that individuals could be responding to the 
world as they have encountered, seen and thought it.

It now becomes interesting for me to return to my friend Amitabh's 
research on comic books, to understand his reading about the recurrance 
of this trope of the mastermind in Raj Comics.

Meanwhile, an extract from his notes, shared in another context:

But soon there were other changes in the Nagraj narrative. The locally 
oriented villains were replaced by a brand of miscreants best called the 
‘super villains’. With moves that could match any superhero, the laser 
gun and magic stick wielding villains had nothing but world control on 
their agenda. These were usually Kingpins... In Nagraj, there had to be 
a reason or a figure behind everything. A person who is the prime 
villain behind everything. That person is the main villain. He is the 
super villain who can't ever die... Nagraj was subsequently seen 
fighting the likes of Miss Killer, a Japanese scientist with ambitions 
of world control and Thodanga, an African warlord amongst many other 
‘super villains’.


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