[Reader-list] Clarification on the matter of allegedly Cancelled Screenings

fmadre at free.fr fmadre at free.fr
Mon Aug 27 18:29:58 IST 2007

> "The Wide Angle Film Society of Kamala Nehru College was not prevailed
> upon by any individual or individuals to schedule or cancel any film.
> The college and Wide Angle Society are fully within their rights to show
>   or cancel any film screening without having to be accountable to any
> individual or body."
> This clearly indicates that the charge made on this list against the
> person concerned (Sanjay Kak), that he used 'connections' to stop a
> screening and arrange one of his own film is unsubstantiated and
> baseless.

no, it doesn't clearly indicate this.
it is just a standard statement from the organizers telling that they  
can schedule or cancel what they want, nothing more.

> I think communications of this nature are serious attacks on the dignity
> of this list and its members,

I don't think so
it was just an attack on the named person, emanating from one individual
kinda boring too, imho

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