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Subject: Changing the face of politics in DU
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I and a group of friends have decided that we've had enough of money and
muscle power dominated politics at Delhi University. We want genuine
students to take up issues that actually affect students and work towards
constructive resolution of the same.
As a result, I've decided to contest  for the Delhi University Students
Union [for the post of Secretary] as a candidate of the *United
Students*group. [www.unitedstudents.in

Details follow. Please forward this message to as many like minded people as

All kinds of support would be greatly appreciated.


ph: 9873554908
email: ritwik at unitedstudents.in

*United Students* has come together as a group of highly motivated Delhi
University students who are not only tired with the quality of politics
at DU but also want to do something about it: not by organizing seminars
alone but by real time intervention, on the ground action and direct

Like a spectator can't alter the fortunes of a football match [he are she
can at best back up his favourite team or player] we believe that the only
way to impact politics at DU is to participate in a full blooded maner-
argue for your points, fight for your votes and create a constituency of
those who want responsible leadership.

This is how we made the first cut last year. We put ourselves to the test
-with very little time - with no money or muscle or organization and yet our
candidate *Aaditya Dar* stood third for the president's post, ahead of
several established political parties.

There is a huge constituency of voters out there who are sick and tired of
the inane politics that is normally practiced by the agencies of political
parties. *US is a freethinkers forum where anybody who thinks about issues
is welcome *.* We are not associated in any manner with any political party*.
The response we got last year proves that if we are truly serious about
cleaning up politics at DU, there is a huge votebank of support.

We are therefore taking forward our work this year by again contesting for
Delhi University Students Union. Our candidates are:

*Nikhita Arora [studying Economics at Kirori Mal College] for President
Ritwik Agrawal [studying Math at Hindu College] For General Secretary
Ekta Marwah [studying History at Hans Raj College] for Vice President.*

We have an unmatched roster of actions we have taken in the last one year -
enough for us to claim that no other students group comes even close - and
we will bring this to work in our favour. Come and join US and help the
revolution for change begin.

*List of firsts by United Students
-> *United Students started the *anti reservation movement* from a cafe in
Connought Place on April 9, 2006. We organized the first protest against
this move at the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium on 11 April, 2006.
-> US members initiated the *Justice for Jessica* and *Justice for
Priyadarshini* campaigns and are now actively pursuing the *Nitish Katara*case.
-> US organized the first *voter registration* drive for students of DU,
Jamia and Amity University last year and extended its scope this year.
-> US has developed a *10 point manifesto* of key issues that affect
students of Delhi University [such as cleaning up girls toilets, cheaper and
more efficient transportation, security for girl students, transparency in
DUSU accounts] and have worked on it throughout.
-> US has written to the Metro Chief asking for *concessional metro
fares*for students. US members met the Delhi transport minister to
suggest a
*shuttle service *for university students.

*Good Students, Clean Candidates, Future Leaders. That's US.*

For more information: www.unitedstudents.in
Our orkut community: http://www.orkut.com/Community.aspx?cmm=13038478
Contact US at: mailus at unitedstudents.in

- -- 
Ritwik Agrawal
- ----------------------
See my blog: http://ritwikv1.blogspot.com
http://www.unitedstudents.in (Brand new!)

- -- 
Aditya Raj Kaul
Blog: www.kauladityaraj.blogspot.com
Website: www.adityarajkaul.tk

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