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Tue Aug 28 13:06:52 IST 2007

Dear Rashneek,

      I've not been writing much about this topic as I know what the truth
is; what we have been facing and what we may face in future. The truth is
quite visible on the blog http://www.kashmiris-in-exile.blogspot.com/ . Some
people here think that if repeatedly the truth is targeted it will have no
meaning and will be lost somewhere. But; Truth never changes. This
"well-connected" director has scuttled the voice of a particular section of
people is known and proved.

Don't get demoralised when people target you, abuse you or shamelessly
ignore you; its quite the frustartion of the person speaking and not the
brains. We don't need to bother about such puppets who are being directed by
their masters. But, still there are many unanswered questions which they
have to reply to.

But, what still keeps me amazed is the timing of the Launch of Sanjay Kak's
Jashn-e-azadi and Yasin Malik's Safar-e-azadi. Both are moving at the same
time spreading lies and brainwashing people. Quite a propaganda. One can't
ignoe this as just a coincidence. There are obviously someone's brains
working behind it.

The Kashmir Blog - www.thekashmir.wordpress.com puts more strength to my
doubts on these so called campaigns. I never knew;  the kashmiri sentence
"Yih Kyoho Korvu?" means "What happened?". Maybe, it was just to mislead
someone. So tragic and sad for the country.

Aditya Raj Kaul

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> Subject: Re: [Reader-list] Was a screening of `And the World Remained
>        Silent' at Kamla Nehru College really cancelled?
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> Dear Sanjay Muttoo,
> I was really wondering why no word from you so far.
> Thanks for the "new perspective".
> You do agree that we had requested for a screening of "And the World
> Remained Silent".Thanks
> Now if the college hadnt agreed for a date and time,why would we put it on
> our blog in the first place(that too a week before) begs an answer.
> Sanjay(Kak) generally mentions in his blog about his future
> screenings.Whywasnt it done for KNC screening unless it was finalised
> at the 11th hour
> also begs an answer.
> And of all the colleges in Delhi/India why on the same day/same slot
> Jashn-e-Azadi got screened also begs an answer.
> Isnt it too much of a coincidence!
> Being over zealous sometimes spoils the party.Had Run Lola Run been
> screened
> at that time,I am sure so many questions wouldnt beg for answers.
> Best Regards
> Rashneek Kher
> On 8/28/07, Sanjay Muttoo <muttoo.sanjay at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > The representation of the sequence of events leading up to the
> > decision to screen Sanjay Kak's film `Jashn-e-Azadi' at Kamla Nehru
> > College on the 24th of August 2007 has created an unseemly
> > controversy. I refer to a posting on the Sarai Reader list by Rashneek
> > Kher which states that the organization, Roots in Kashmir (RIK) had
> > approached Kamla Nehru College to screen a film `And the World
> > Remained Silent' and had indeed been "given permission to screen the
> > movie on the 24th of August at 2.30 pm." He goes on to add that it was
> > at the behest of Sanjay Kak that their screening was cancelled and a
> > screening of `Jashn-e-Azadi' was scheduled in its place.
> >
> > As visiting faculty in the Dept of Journalism in Kamla Nehru College
> > and the person who suggested that we organize a screening of
> > Jashn-e-Azadi, the sequence of events, as I know them, leading upto
> > the decision to screen Sanjay Kak's film are at complete variance with
> > what Rashneek Kher has suggested in his posting. The sequence of
> > events merits a renarration.
> >
> > As part of our effort to use audio- visual material in the classroom
> > to initiate a discussion and debate around issues and the way they are
> > represented and encourage a process of critical thought, I had
> > suggested to the Teacher-in-Charge of the Wideangle film society of
> > the college that we schedule a screening of Jashn-e-Azadi.
> > Accordingly, Sanjay Kak was invited to screen his film in the college.
> >
> > I was quite disturbed when I read the `sequence of events'  detailed
> > in Rashneek Khers posting, suggesting that a prior commitment had been
> > made by the college to screen their film on the 24th of August 2007
> > which the college reneged on. I spoke with the teacher-in-charge to
> > confirm if that indeed was the case. I was told quite categorically
> > that , while the college had received a request for the screening of
> > `And the World Remained Silent', it had in no way committed to a
> > particular date for the screening and so the question of cancelling a
> > scheduled screening of `And the World Remained Silent'  to accomodate
> > Sanjay Kak's film just didnt arise!
> >
> > Sanjay Muttoo
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