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M Yousuf yousufism at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 01:22:26 IST 2007

Dear all

By now you must be feeling like an abused and tortured lot.

For sometime now at Reader List I have come across a rather childish debate
about Kashmir, Freedom, Azadi, Freedom of speech and expression and
Jashn-e-Azadi and When The World Remained Silent, the films and a whole
gamut of hallucinations.

Some people have been trying consistently to bring the debate some meaning.
But it looks like some others have not been able to leave the realm of
absurdity and a fetish for just keying in whatever occurs to their rented
out minds.  Aditya Raj Kohli, Rashneek Kher, Kshemendra and Pawan Durrani
may need to read, listen and see while holding onto their skills to key in
what appears trapped and recycled thinking.

Bahut likh liye ab kuch pad bhi lo dosto....aur ho sakey to man ki aankhein
khol ke kuch dekhney ki bhi koshish kar lo....

People living in Indian occupied Kashmir need and deserve freedom as much as
these blackberry carrying ghosts. These occupied minds need freedom from
being possessed by everything borrowed. Let me give this group a name. Their
initials put together can be a good one. That makes them ARKP.

ARKPs should be happy in a country which they so much love and defend
everything about so blindly. They seem to happy about a film that is only
about them yet do not want to see any other that may be about others
(Although I personally think that is not what the film at the center of the
DEBATE is all about...but I will leave it to those who's minds eyes are open
enough). Theirs is truth all the way and complete while the other is only
half truths. Can anybody from the ARKP explain why they cannot feel safe in
the presence of 700000 Indian troops in J&K. They are supposed to be for the
protection of people living in the valley...why can't this small contingent
also protect the Kashmiris who are in exile IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY. Or do they
want the valley to be cleansed of the current protectees first? May be
700000 is a bit too less for the ones already living in the valley and the
exiled ones put together.

I met a few Kashmiri muslims recently who have been following the Sarai List
DEBATE. All of them separately told me that the likes of ARKP have been
doing the same choking act for decades if not centuries inside Kashmir as
well, the only difference being that it is not effective anymore.

Well...ARKPs, the fact of the matter is that whatever the circumstances, you
have made your choice by leaving your motherland. and you still can exercise
the choice of going back and join the ones living in Kashmir...pandits and
muslims alike. But you may have to accept that the advantages may not be the
same as your parent generations had enjoyed. Will you call that democracy or
terrorism? or Azadi? not everything about Kashmir can be prefixed with the
state of Pandits anymore.

And please stop playing victims and victimhood, you will for sure be
outnumbered by the inhabitants of Kashmir...in a very democratic way.
Kashmir's real political history has just begun to be written.


Visit Kashmir....you might like it again.

 M Yousuf

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