[Reader-list] National Security

Sanjay Kak kaksanjay at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 11:32:02 IST 2007

> Since the Sarai Reader list is fast emerging as the nerve centre for
keeping track of National (and Anti-National) interest, I thought it my duty
to make some humble offerings:

On August 15, 2007 Indian Independence Day (what some linguistically
misguided souls refer to as *Jashn-e-Azadi) *the Habitat centre in Delhi was
once again the venue of something possibly troubling. A musical programme
called – yes, believe it or not – *Jashn-e-Azadi* was held there. While they
said it was just some patriotic songs and ghazals and so on, this could be
subterfuge. After all there is a film with a similar title doing the
rounds which may be up to some mischief; and then there is this separatist
leader involved in something called *Safar-e-Azadi.* As a good citizen I'm
just sharing this information which others may want to act upon.

I was also wondering: could my role in translating the Police phone tap on
the Delhi University lecturer SAR Geelani in the Parliament Attack case also
be considered by the Sarai list a little differently? Though my translation
from Kashmiri into English was summarily thrown out by the Trial Court on
the grounds that I was an interested party (as a member of the All India
Defence Committee for SAR Geelani), I mean, that court *did* pass a death
sentence on Shree Geelani, did it not? Could my lack of success as a
translator not be seen as a mark of my Patriotism? Just a thought, however

With thanks in anticipation

Sanjay Kak

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