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we wi dhatr1i at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 29 20:11:06 IST 2007

Hi vedavati,
          I am impressed with the articles you wrote for websites on several issues that india facing, particularly humanity,secularism etc.,   India is a secular country with unity in diversity and most of the people following tradition and culture.  Marriage system is so strong in india and purely based on caste. Not only marriage but the entire life is dependent on caste for hindus since birth to death. Rituals varry among states but the system is same.  I never find any article written by you on this particular subject.   
                 I studied that you are a maharastrian got married to a kashmiri pandit. So either of you consider the things like caste,sub-caste,gothra,zodaic match? Could you please
  responde to me on this.

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