[Reader-list] Marxist-communism: China's Failed Ideology

Pawan Durani pawan.durani at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 22:21:55 IST 2007

An ideology can fail for a number of reasons, and its success is equated to
whether or not it is still effective in a state. A major reason why an
ideology might fail is that it is no longer in use, because it did not yield
the ideal result that it sought out. Another reason is, it is not popular
for the government to use. An example would be the Marxist-communism
ideology. After eighty years of practicing this ideology, the Former Soviet
Union has replaced their ideology of a rigid, state-run economy with a
"democratized" state. Even in China, it to is drifting away from the Marxist
ideology it once used. Perhaps communism had a limited effect such that
these two major communist states have changed their plan of action. Also,
communism is actively practiced in very few countries such as North Korea
and Cuba. There might be something wrong with this ideology that it was not
well embraced around the world. One such explanation is that outside
externalities, which an ideology has no control over may effect its
performance and legitimacy. For the purpose of this essay, China will serve
as an example why this method of action has failed in practice. But first,
we must understand what an ideology is.

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