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Thu Aug 30 09:20:45 IST 2007

Dear Cashmeeri,

This is a wrong forum to post this poem.Soon you will be branded
communal,fascist and more.
Anyways nice translation,nonetheless,but be prepared to be assaulted by
"Kashmir Experts" here.



On 8/29/07, cashmeeri <cashmeeri at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Faiz is one of my favourite poets and some of his best work has been
> produced when he was in exile. I have taken the liberty of attempting to
> translate one of his finest "in exile" poems. My lack of skill has forced
> alterations in both structure and content.
> In it is a transmigration of "exiles"; from his to mine.
> Faiz - The Kashmiri Pandit in Exile
> Hark, my heart, itinerant soul
> It has been so ordained
> Now you and I exiled again
> Town to town our pathways
> Our cries rending alleyways
> Seeking clues of the tidings bearer
> A question for every stranger
> What more has befallen my Land
> Unfamiliar and alien streets
> Our days merging into night
> Speaking to this one
> Speaking to that one
> Conversations held with no one
> How shall I tell you about it
> The suffocation of woeful nights
> If 'twere to come into account
> My death I would not rue
> Deliverance for a wretched state
> But how many deaths shall I die
> ............. aalok aima
> (with apologies to Faiz)
> The original by Faiz:
> dill-e-munn, musaafir-e-munn
> meray dill meray musaafir
> hua phir se hukm saadir
> ke vatan badar ho.n hum tum
> dain gali gali sadaayain
> karain rukh nagar nagar ka
> ke suraag koi paayain
> kisi yaar-e-naamaabar ka
> har ek ajanabi se poochain
> jo pataa tha apnay ghar ka
> sar-e-ku-e-naashanaayaa.N
> hamain din se raat karnaa
> kabhi iss say baat karnaa
> kabhi uss se baat karnaa
> tumhain kya kahoon ke kya hai
> shab-e-gham buri balaa hai
> hamain ye bhi tha ghanimat
> jo koi shumaar hota
> hamain kya buraa thaa marna
> agar ek baar hota
> Faiz Ahmed Faiz
> In exile, London 1978
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Rashneek Kher

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