[Reader-list] Translation, Guilt, Innocence and Two Cups of Coffee

Pawan Durani pawan.durani at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 20:53:11 IST 2007

>>>>>>>>>>>I hope we can go back to the ordinary, everyday life of the list
soon, a lot of interesting postings from Sarai Independent Fellows are
neglected because of the tornadoes that have hit the list of late, but I
am sure we will find ways of getting back to an even keel soon. I look
forward to lots of different writing on lots of different issues from
many correspondents.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Respected Suddha Ji ,


With your concluding para , i believe you have conveyed a message that you
no longer wish to debate or discuss this issue. I do understand that it is
painful to change a stand for which you have stood for a long time , even if
the reality check gives a different view. Anyway , that is your choice and
we cant force a discussion.

However I wish to request you to kindly save the words like "Tornadoes" for
those who deserve it. If having a different view is being seen as a
"tornadoes" by you , i can understand how "liberal & democratic" you are.

I may not be as intelligent as you think of yourself, but I wish to remind
you that I have been born in a Kashmiri family, never stayed out of Kashmir
at length for 18 years of my life till my house was burnt and we were chased
out in the middle of night along with lacs of others. In my whole family
everyone is a kashmiri and we speak kashmiri . So atleast I have better
knowledge of Kashmiri than you can teach me. Your teaching me what a
particular sentence means in Kashmiri is as good as me giving you lecture
about "Prathom Alo".

I also do not wish to carry on the debate any further , as you chose to
ignore all arguments .About the screenings part , it is Sanjay & his team
and RIK & team who know the fact.The reason I spoke about Sanjays
"testimony" was to give you an idea of Sanjays reliability. Sampat Prakash I
know since ages ,much better than any of you.

Rest God knows where the truth lies. Of course you dont believe God as well.

You may carry on with your idea where you state "I hope we can go back to
the ordinary, everyday life of the list soon.............. but I am sure we
will find ways of getting back to an even keel soon". That is what I believe
a "Mutual Admiration Society " stands for !

Lastly , thank you for you lip service about Kashmiri Pandits. It is akin to
the occasional Hurriyat statements about Kashmiri Pandits. How I wish If
you could have spared 1% of energy to know the facts of miseries of kashmiri
pandits and start helping them ....instead of......

God Bless You All

Pawan Durani

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