[Reader-list] Kashmiri Pandits celebrate Navreh

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Tue Apr 8 23:35:04 IST 2008

Kashmiri Pandits celebrate Navreh

*Terrorism might have forced Kashmiri Pandits to live like a refugee in
their own country, but the desire to return to the 'roots' has not succumbed
to adversities. The celebrations of the Kashmiri New Year fully reflected
their buoyant spirits.*

*ATOP THE highest hills of the Aravallis, in the village of Ananagpur in
Faridabad, Kashmiri Pandits- living in and around Delhi- celebrated the
arrival of the Kashmiri New Year, Navreh. The temple atop the hill houses
the idol of the Goddess Sharika, the presiding deity of Kashmir. The hill
has been manicured and landscaped in a manner that it gives the impression
of the famed 'badam-vaer' (almond garden) of Kashmir.*
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