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Osian'sCinefan is proud to announce the 5th edition of Talent Campus
India organised in collaboration with the Berlin International Film
Festival, the Berlinale Talent Campus and Max Mueller Bhawan, New Delhi.
The 5th Talent Campus India will take place from 13 to 18 July, 2008. It
will run along side Osian's Cinefan, 10th Festival of Asian and Arab
Cinema (10-20 July), within the framework of the programme
'Infrastructure Building for Minds and Markets - IBM2. 


Talent Campus is a 6-day workshop where up to 30 young aspiring
filmmakers will be invited to New Delhi to interact with renowned
filmmakers and film professionals from India and abroad. 


The aim of the workshop is to provide Indian and South Asian youth a
forum for learning and sharing the process of filmmaking. The
application is open to India, its neighbouring countries as well as
Iran. Participants will benefit not only from the calibre and experience
of the professionals involved, but also from the exchange of ideas among
themselves. The focus of the festival is Literature and Cinema which
would also be the major influence on discussions in talent campus along
with sessions on Screenplay Writing, Cinematography and Direction and
other key aspects of filmmaking like Casting and Production Design.


In addition to attending workshop session, the selected talents will
have the opportunity to see the very best of Asian and Arab cinema being
showcased during Osian'sCinefan. We would be grateful if you would
circulate this information among students and those who you feel may
benefit from this initiative. The application can be downloaded from our
website www.osians.com <http://www.osian.com/> 


Applying for Talent Campus India

Along with the application, applicants are required to submit one of the

A one'minute film. This can also be a one'minute excerpt of a longer
film. Any entry that is longer than 60 seconds will NOT be considered.


A five'minute film. This should be directed by the applicant especially
for Talent Campus India specifically on the subject of EVERYDAY
JOURNEYS. The film should be NO LONGER than five minutes. The best two
of the selected five'minute films will be awarded a Certificate of


3500 - 4500'word film script. Make sure that it is a film script! The
language of the script needs to be English. It can be a translation of a
script written in any other language and the original can also be sent
along with the English version. The script needs to be a typed printout
and not handwritten. 

Subject of the Five'minute film

EVERYDAY JOURNEYS - Do you often travel from one place to another, one
stage to another or by one mode of transport or another? Do you trace
imagined journeys of sorts through books, photographs, conversations,
encountering and unravelling the complexities of interaction, engagement
and discovery? Do you map a plan as to how to get from point A to point
B in a city or how to catch the next bus, auto rickshaw or taxi? Or does
your mind travel when you are waiting to take the train from the suburbs
to the city? 

In their growth Asian cities, suburbs and villages have carried forward
histories, cultures, lifestyles and people with the kind of spatial and
temporal simultaneity and existence that makes way for complex everyday
negotiations. It is these everyday passages that we are interested in
seeing represented in your films! A journey between your home and
college or work can be just as intriguing as a journey across borders
and dreaming in broad daylight is a journey as well that we have all
indulged and found pleasure in. It is these everyday journeys that we
want your film to explore, celebrate, question or ponder on. Your film
can explore any genre - funny, sad, grim, ponderous. It can be fiction
or documentary or even experimental.


You can send us the one'minute or five'minute film on a VHS, VCD or a


(We will not accept multi- media video formats like AVI, windows media
format (WMF), mpeg, quick time, real video or shockwave (flash/format)


An independently constituted Committee will select up to 30 Talents to
attend the final workshop. We look forward to meeting these participants
from around the country and from neighbouring countries. 


The deadline for applications is 10th May 2008


Pearl Sandhu

Coordinator, Talent Campus India

Osian's-Cinefan festival of Asian and Arab Cinema

Tel: 91-11-41743157 / 58 / 66

pearl at osians.com


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