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I very much appreciate your concern and anguish, but it is wellknown fact that our "cadres" always hail china and welcome them with painting red the whole of the city like they did in 1962.The very fact that the line marked as Mcmohan line as border between british india in 1945 after the end of world war, even today remains unsurveyed, thanks to our cadre friends engineering hindi-chini bhai bhai. It is not late even now to make a joint survey and with dialogue end the border row and disputes with China, then two nations, the developing economies of Asia, both India and China can have honourable  interaction with all nations in the comity of nations, even US would be thinking twice if our leaders think of the nation and its freedom than kickbacks in N-deal for the first family.!

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Date: Wednesday, April 9, 2008 5:44 pm
Subject: [Reader-list] The Hindu on Tibet
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> Letter to the Editor:
> The Hindu's bias in favour of the Chinese Government in its 
> editorial on
> Tibet (March 28, 2008) is dismaying.  The reasons behind the recent
> demonstrations by Tibetans are transparent. You speak of sustained 
> growth,omitting the fact that Han Chinese control the economy, 
> Party and
> government. Impartial observers have documented the onslaught on 
> naturalresources, the repression of Buddhism, the enforced 
> denunciations of the
> Dalai Lama.
> The subjugation of Tibet is most evident in re-settlement policy. 
> In 1952
> Chairman Mao complained that there were "hardly any Han in Tibet." 
> By 1953
> there were 100,000 Chinese in the province of Qinghai, the renamed 
> easternTibetan province of Amdo. In 1985 there were 2.5 million 
> Chinese and 750,000
> Tibetans in Qinghai. By the 2000 census only 20% of Qinghai's 
> population was
> Tibetan. 
> This demographic engineering undermines the comparison you draw 
> betweenTibet and Kashmir. Right-wing groups in India have long 
> demanded the
> re-settlement of the Kashmir Valley. However, Article 370 disallows
> non-state subjects from buying land; and it is to allay Kashmiri 
> anxietiesthat New Delhi has not granted autonomy or separate 
> statehood for Ladakh and
> Jammu.
> Beijing's abusive denunciations of the Dalai Lama and its 
> stonewalling of
> his proposals make it difficult to accept their sincerity. A just 
> solution"within the framework of one China" is precisely what the 
> Dalai Lama has
> pursued. 
> The Hindu's wholesale reproduction of the official Chinese line on 
> Tibetdoes it little credit.
> Yours sincerely,
> Sonia Jabbar
> Ramachandra Guha
> Mukul Kesavan
> Madhu Sarin
> Jyotirmaya Sharma
> Dilip Simeon
> Tenzin Sonam
> Shashi Tharoor
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