[Reader-list] Looking for help regarding accomodation in south Delhi

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Congrats for your new job.
Coming to your accommodation related query, South Delhi being an amorphous 
term, it would help more if you could be more precise about the location of 
your work place. Accessibility being a big issue, and that concern is not 
necessarily restricted to the visually challenged persons, South Delhi may 
not always be the best place to live. There are areas which are technically 
in South Delhi but it takes more time and effort to reach them than it takes 
to reach Tibet, J&K, Kandahar, Basra or Louisiana in the United States. 
Sorry for exaggerating. But you know what  I mean.

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> Hi friends, I have recently changed my job. That's why I'll have to vacate 
> the government flat, I was residing at. I'm looking for a one-bedroom or 
> two-bedroom houste in south Delhi. It should be easily approachable 
> because I'm visually challenged and it would be good if the rent does not 
> accede eight thousand. I hope that my reader-list friends will help me in 
> this matter also as they do in accademic matters.
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