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Mirjam Struppek mirjam.struppek at urbanscreens.net
Mon Apr 14 14:02:37 IST 2008

Calls for Urban Screens Melbourne 08 – film&video, multimedia  
projects and poster presentations

Urban Screens Melbourne 08
Conference “mobile publics” 3 – 5 October 2008
Multimedia exhibition 3 – 8 October 2008

Deadline for submission (poster presentations): 24. May 2008
Deadline for submission (fim&video/projects): 31. May 2008


Urban Screens Melbourne 08 is the third, ground-breaking  
international conference and multimedia exhibition in a series of  
worldwide events around the redefinition of a growing digital  
infrastructure of moving images in public space. It will mark the  
official launch of the International Urban Screens Association and  
will take place 3.-8. October at Federation Square, Melbourne.  
Federation Square is a unique cultural and community oriented  
multimedia precinct, centred around a significant 38m2 public LED  


The Urban Screens 08 exhibition is looking for Artists, Urban Poets,  
Filmmakers and Multimedia and Interaction Designers to submit film  
and videos or multimedia, interactive or participatory screen based  
projects. A large diverse urban screens infrastructure is available  
at Federation Square.


We are looking for existing and potentially adaptable projects that  
interrogate screen media as a medium| content and tackle the  
festival’s key themes of issues of building community and  
sustainability in relation to water. These two complex themes aim to  
provoke discussion and spark questions such as: What is community in  
times of the high-speed, global flows of the new media scape? How can  
we explore the diversity of water, an element, essential to the  
existence of life on earth?

For a detailed description of the event and curatorial framework see
For a detailed description of Fed Squares infrastructure see

The projects should preferably employ one or more of the listed  
existing infrastructure of urban screens of Fed Square and should  
consider and adapt to the special circumstances of outdoor public  
spaces, transforming urban spaces to foster dialogue and community  
engagement. We are looking for:

A) Film and video such as

-    Video art, text art, animation, animated slideshows, or  
fictional advertisements and community information (under 3 min.)
-    Silent works especially for the joint broadcasting or daily  
screenings in-between (under 3 min.)
-    Short experimental films, documentary and journalistic content  
(under 15 min.)
-    Small curated programs of the mentioned type of works

B) Interactive, performance based or participatory projects such as

-    Interactive software applications for urban screens
-    Participatory community projects using creative digital practices
-    Live media art merging performance and new media
-    Community displays for education and exchange
-    Virtual/real world hybrid projects using streaming content
-    Real-time generated content
-    Screen related sound experiments
-    Digital storytelling projects
-    Mobile games using urban space as social and educative playground
-    Connecting mobile culture of locative media with urban screens

CALL FOR POSTERS ********************

To bridge the Conference and the Multimedia Exhibition, we are  
looking for posters about the latest development of Urban Screens.  
They will be displayed in a public exhibition in the Atrium next to  
the conference venue. Conference will be encouraged to get in  
exchange with the authors during the breaks. Eight submissions will  
be additionally shown in an experimental presentation on the four  
outdoor I-sites around Federation Square. These are equiped with an  
integrated screen, which offer the possibility to present remotely  
via scheduled skype sessions, while the audience gathers in groups  
around them.


Posters are aimed at presenting the latest development in this  
interdisciplinary field of Urban Screens. Posters are ideal for  
presenting speculative, late-breaking results of ongoing research  
projects, drawing important conclusions from practical experiments,  
for giving an introduction to innovative art works or new practical  
design applications, reports on cutting edge technologies and content  
management systems under development.

Posters will be reviewed by the Poster Committee, soon to be  
announced. Authors of accepted submissions must provide a one or two  
page summary for publication in the conference proceedings. Selected  
submissions will also be published on-line on the International Urban  
Screens Association website.


Please have a look at the detailed calls and the official online  
forms for application,  available at:


exhibition at urbanscreens.net
(please use the subject “USM08 - question concerning the CALL”)


International Urban Screens Association - www.urbanscreens.net
Fed Square Pty Ltd - www.federationsquare.com
Barco ‘visibly yours’ - www.barco.com
Circus - www.circusexp.com
Pinnacle ‘Production Services’ - www.pinnacleps.com.

Best regards,
Mirjam Struppek
Artistic Director

International Urban Screens Association
Rheinsberger Str. 68
D-10115 Berlin

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