[Reader-list] resolution in support og save niyamagiri struggle in orissa

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Tue Apr 22 14:43:27 IST 2008


We the members of  National Adivasi Alliance ,
Himalaya Swaraj Abhiyan , Tamilnadu Core Team, SADED,
CSDS, Rastriya Guni Mission and Simmenpuu Foundation
fully support the Niyamagiri struggle against Vedanta.
Under the neo liberal regime, the third world rulers
are selling their natural resources cheaply to the
National and International big business for super
profits, as a result millions of Farmers,adivasi and
Dalits are forcibly evicted from their habitats and
loose their livelihoods. More then 30 villages of
Dongria Kondhs who are classified as primitive tribes
and other adivasis will be evicted from Niyamagiri for
the profit of one private company. The adivasi don't
consider their habitats as resources to be marketed
but as sacred to be revered and protected The
Niyamagiri are held by the adivasi as sacred and they
don't want to give it up at any cost.

     Niyamgiri is also the source of two important
rivers. Bansdhara and Nagabali which is important
source of water for four district of Orissa. We call
upon the central and state govt to desist from any
mining activity in Niyamagiri and recognize the local
adivasis right over their habitats and commons. We
urge the govt of Orissa to cancel the mou with Vedanta
and not indulge in any backdoor transaction of handing
it over to sterlite owned by Vedanta.





Rakesh Bhatt
                            Vijay Kumar

Bhuwan Pathak
                          Shankar Lal


V. S. Roy David
                           Kai Vara

 Narendra Baster
                            Kari Bottas

Y. David

 K. Ramesh Naidu
                         J. P. Raju


Anthony Swamy
                         Bhawar Da Bai

Asha Kachru
                             Pankaj Paliwal

Anil Joshi

Sandeep Kholya
                           Manoj Sinal

Sandeep Marmi
                           Satya Patnaik

Sirpa Rovaniemi
                            N Rajendra Prasad

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