[Reader-list] Fwd: Turtles, Tatas and Reva

Tapas Ray tapasrayx at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 08:48:50 IST 2008

Like the electric car, biofuels are supposed to be another "green 
technology". But they are turning out to be hugely problematic. As we 
have seen in the media, food prices are rising globally, and this has 
even led to rioting in some places. Talking about this yesterday, the 
newly elected President of Paraguay (a former Bishop who was influenced 
by liberation theology) criticised neighbouring Brazil for "putting cars 
before people", i.e., for diverting agricultural resources from food 
crops to biofuels. Even the World Bank - a great promoter of 
technological fixes - recognises the risks:


Aman Sethi wrote:
 > Hmm,
 > And on further persual - it seems that the govt of india does offer a
 > REva subsidy - that website says :

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