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http://www.combatlaw.org/information.php?article_id=1127&issue_id=39Prison pleasLetter from TiharA Kashmiri youth, Parveez Ahmad, narrates how policeturned him from a gentleman to 'bomb-man' in a letterfrom his confinement in Tihar Central Jail, Delhi.Combat Law is in possession of his letter. It is beingreproduced hereSubj: Save my career, as I am innocent.ith due reverence and respect, I am writing thisletter with the hope that I will get justice withoutdelay. I want your kind attention towards the realfact of my arrest, interrogation and torture, which istotally different and contradictory to that ofpolice's statement. All the allegations and sectionsthey have charged upon me are baseless. All theconfessions I have made before them were all undercompulsions and force. As I could not tolerate thetorture and electric shocks. I am still frightened ofthat treatment. Those electric shocks are stillbreaking my sleep.Being citizen of India I keep faith in Indian law andjudiciary. And hope no discrimination will be doneagainst me. Though my faith in law and being a citizenof India has scattered badly by the role of police.But still I have not left the rope of hope. To restorethe faith, it is essential to give me justice, throughfare trial, and save my career. To prove my innocenceyour goodself is requested to see my past record.Which will reveal you how clear my past and presentis. Though I am concerned about the condition of J&K.Now I want your kind attention towards the followinglines which will reveal your goodself the whole story.As I have done my M. Sc (Zoology) from the Universityof Pune and now am seeking admission to Ph.D for whichI was going to Pune.* On September 12, 2006, I left home for Pune byflight (Spice Jet). Srinagar - Delhi & Delhi-Pune. Onreaching Delhi, when I was approaching for Spice-Jetcounter to collect my boarding pass, some seven toeight persons held me firmly and took away my luggageand whatever I had in my pockets. They took me toLodhi Colony special cell office. where they tortureand interrogated me severely. They beat me upruthlessly and gave me electric shocks. Later, I cameto know that they were from the special cell ofpolice. Led by inspector Sharma ji.* On the same day they forced me to call one of myfriends to give his SIM card to their contact personalready in Pune.* ON September 13, 2006, they made my I Card withthe name of Iqbal and took me to Pune by Spice-Jetflight. On reaching Pune, one police team was alreadythere but in civil dress. I can reveal all thedetails, their names, where they kept me in Pune, andhow they mentally tortured me.* On September 14, 2006 evening after receivingfew calls they took me to one shop in Pune andcollected some 10 lakh rupees from that shopkeeper.* On September 15, 2006 they took me back toDelhi, and kept me again in Lodhi Colony Special Celllock up where they tortured me very badly andseverely. I was unconscious and half dead.* On September 16, 2006 they took me to someunknown place and kept me there for almost one month.I was not able to walk and move as they kept mehandcuffed in one room. The details of that very placeand persons will be revealed in the court. What theydid with me there, will also be revealed.* During that duration they neither informed myparents nor took me into police remand or judicialcustody. Instead, they forced me to lie to my parentsthat I got a job in Maharashtra.* After one month on October 15, 2006 they took meto hospital for medical, which was just a formality,as I was already instructed not to say anything aboutmy ailment, torture and muscular spasm. Even doctorswrote the medical report without examining me. I wasshocked to see the collusion between police anddoctors. I could not understand what was going on. AsI was seeing that for the first time in my life.* On the same day October 15, 2006 in the eveningthey took me to a lady magistrate for taking me intopolice remand. That too was a joke, as I was in theircustody for more than one month. Before presenting mebefore that magistrate they threatened me of direconsequences If I narrated the true story. I was madeto narrate my story their way. The story was likethis. I was coming from Mumbai by Golden Templeexpress to Nizamuddin. To hand over rupees 10 lakh andthree Kg of RDX to some Tariq at Azadpur Mandi. Butthat Tariq did not come. Meanwhile police party caughthold of me. The magistrate did not ask me anything.* During my stay in their custody they compelledme to file so many (rail) reservation forms in my ownhand writing and signature. They took away my attachebag. On asking where they were taking my bag, theytold me that my final verification was being done.Soon you would be released. I got very tense and wasconfused, and smelled something fishy. I thought theywould finish me in an encounter. So I could not sleepall those nights. If they have really sent any personto Delhi from Mumbai, then that was Ram Gopal who waslooking after me in that police flat, may be aconstable. That police office (Flat) is near anairport, as I could hear sounds of aeroplanes. Onemetro track is also nearby which I saw from one smallpore of window. Through the bathroom window, I saw apublic school in the neighbourhood. The name of thatpublic school was ITL Public School, next to thispolice flat. In that flat the staff was changing every24 hours. The staff comprised of Anil Tyagi, RamGopal, Gurmeet, Raju (Pahalwan), Mangal (Bihari),Pravesh, Pandit and others whose name I don't know butI can identify them. They kept me as an animal,handcuffed and feetcuffed tied to the iron rods ofwindow, 24 hours. Because of which I was not able tomake any free movement or walk in that very room. Theonly time they were releasing me when I was going tobathroom. For the whole month I could no see sun. Inthat very police flat there was one more personarrested (rather kidnapped) in other room. He too wasforced to make calls to his relatives.* After staying few for days in that flat, I wasmade to cell my parents and saying that I was alrightand got a job. One evening my parents called me upwith weeping words that they heard news of my arrest,as somebody had informed them. I could not tell themthat I was in police custody since the day I lefthome. I was forced to assure my parents that I wasalright. I was happy. Also that I thanked God thatatleast my parents came to know. Later policethreatened me not to disclose news of my arrest beforemy parents and assured me of releasing before Eid.Whenever my parents were calling me I was lying tothem that I was not getting travel reservationconfirmed. They (my parents) were insisting on me toleave my job and come back to home. I was weeping forthe whole day and night. I became very weak and lazy.Inspector Sharma ji told Anil Tyagi to provide meQuran and other books so that I would not loose myconcentration. They were constantly assuring me ofreleasing me before Eid. But they were lying anddeceiving me as well as my parents.* After taking me into police remand officially,they kept me at Lodhi Colony office for days. I wasthinking perhaps they would release me now, asDeepawali as well as Eid were approaching after fewdays. But there was some thing worst to come. Mycareer was going to be spoilt it and my image wasgoing to change from gentleman to bombman, fromstudent to a terrorist.Am I not Indian, if I am Kashmiri. Why thisdiscrimination. When tall claims are being made by theGovt. of India, by media, that before Law all citizensare equal. Whether of Kashmir or Kerala. ...they mademe a scape-goat, to get compliments from their seniorsand public. And public too took me as a terrorist* Finally the day came when my whole career waswiped. I was mentally shocked and astonished. OnOctober 20, 2006, when I was watching TV in InspectorBadrish Dutt?s room, suddenly SI Vinay Tyagi told methat one press person was downstairs and wanted tomeet me. He advised me to speak in his presence. After10-20 minutes, suddenly everything changed altogether.Every personnel was trying to catch hold of me andcome close to me. I was just confused to see what wasgoing on. Especially, SI Vinay Tyagi and HavaldarSatish held me firmly. Suddenly they opened the gateand I was just shocked to see the mob of more then 50photographers. They started taking my photographs andshooting me for 10-15 minutes. I understood that theyhave now ruined my career and life. I looked towardsinspector Sharma ji. He by his gesture posed as he hadarrested me and presented me before media as a hardcore terrorist. Now I realised fully what actuallytheir plan of keeping me in their custody was. Theyactually wanted to show me before media and tell thatthey have arrested a persons (terrorist) who arrivedin Delhi to explode bombs on the occasion ofDeepawali, which is just shame upon them. How they(police) were befooling their public. And media washelping them in propagating such fake arrests. When Icould not celebrate my Eid at home, with my parents,what I have to do with the Deepawali. After thosefalse and baseless allegations I wept like a widow.Now I realised that I no more could contact myparents. As they (police) have turned me into a don. I am still thinking why they ruined my careerMy faith in Indian democracy and law has shatteredbadly and I am now very disappointed in jail on therole of police. I am finding no hope, then to appealbefore your goodself to provide me fare trial and giveme justice. So that I can restart my normal life* Am I really a terrorist? When I have never everseen how that RDX looks like.* Am I not an Indian, if I am a Kashmiri.* Why this discrimination. When tall claims arebeing made by the Govt. of India, by media, thatbefore law all citizens are equal. Whether of Kashmiror Kerala.* Why they made me a scape-goat, to getcompliments from their seniors and public. And publictoo took me as a terrorist. Who had arrived in Delhion Deepawali to disrupt the celebrations? Whole of thepolice party and the special cell people know verywell that they arrested me on September 12, 2006 atDelhi airport. Are they trying to prove that aeroplaneauthority were allowing to carry explosives in theirflights. My faith in Indian democracy and law has shatteredbadly and I am very disappointed about the role ofpolice. I have no hope, than to appeal before yourgoodself to provide me fare trial and give me justice.So that I can restart my normal life with my oldparents. So that my faith in law is restore.Jail no. 01, Ward no. 01Barrack no. 02TiharPARVEEZ AHMADS/O. SANAULLAH RADOOR/O. NOOR BAGH -ASOPORE BARAMULLAJ & KPIN - 193201. 

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