[Reader-list] Medieval Christendom's First Ethnic Cleansing: The Expulsion of Jews From England in 1290

Rajesh Ramakrishnan rajeshr at csds.in
Wed Apr 23 14:10:56 IST 2008

'Medieval Christendom's First Ethnic Cleansing: The Expulsion of Jews
>From England in 1290.'

A talk by Professor Ira Katznelson

Tuesday, 29th April, at 3 PM in the Seminar Room, CSDS, 29 Rajpur
Road, Delhi – 110 054

All are invited

Ira I. Katznelson is Ruggles Professor of Political Science and
History, Columbia University. He is an Americanist whose work has
straddled comparative politics and political theory, as well as
political and social history. His research interests include: American
politics, comparative politics, political theory, urban politics,
European studies, race relations, class formation, ethnicity and
religion, education, urban geography, identities and interests, social
movements, and political parties. Professor Katznelson was President
of the American Political Science Association for 2005-2006.
Previously, he served as President of the Politics and History Section
of APSA, President of the Social Science History Association, and
Chair of the Russell Sage Foundation Board of Trustees. He has been a
Guggenheim Fellow, and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and
Sciences and the American Philosophical Society.

His most recent books are When Affirmative Action Was White (2005),
and Desolation and Enlightenment: Political Knowledge after Total War,
Totalitarianism, and the Holocaust (2003). Other books include Black
Men, White Cities (1973), City Trenches (1981), Schooling for All
(with Margaret Weir, 1985), Marxism and the City (1992), and
Liberalism's Crooked Circle (1996).

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