[Reader-list] Finally an unbaised report on exodus of Pandits

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Thu Apr 24 09:54:36 IST 2008

Findings of a five year survey by a Rekha Chowdary dispels myths created by
The report highlights how displacement and uncertainty about the future has
generated a new mindset among pandits. *Many pandits have begun redefining
their history as that of an "oppressed" community. This present exodus is
not an isolated phenomenon but a continuous process which has been taking
place over the centuries, they now claim.
*Militancy has also brought about a change in inter-community relations.
Pandits now view Kashmiri Muslims with greater suspicion. They are also
sceptical about the increasing role of religion in politics and the
increasing space being given to fundamentalist forces in the Valley.
read the complete report here

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