[Reader-list] The painter in Taare Zameen Par

Abhijit abhijit8086 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 24 18:11:42 IST 2008

  There was this beautiful painting shown in the film Taare Zameen Par, towards the end.
  It was a landscape painting in fantastic bold colours.
  Blues, maroons, deep bold long strokes, as much as I can remember.
  It was wonderful and it was only shown as a glimpse. I wish it was allowed to fill the whole screen for a few seconds for us to savour that majestic imagery. 
  It was an important object the film was about. The child's talents as an artist and they had chosen a trully apt painting too.
  Ever since I have been curious about this painting and where I can see it again.
  I was also curious about who was the painter and where can one see more of his paintings.
  Sadly, the Taare Zameen Par website doesnt showcase either the painting or the name of the painter.
  The Wikipedia entry on the film too makes no reference to it, not even in the trivia.
  And no film reviewer or critic talks about it.
  At last I came across this page
  which mentions a painter by the name Samir Mondal.
  By googling his name - I found more about him. Thought I will share.
  So, was he the painter of that landscape painting ?

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