[Reader-list] CPI-M turns film critic, kills festival

prakash ray pkray11 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 27 02:11:12 IST 2008

Dear Sudhha,

I am unable to understand your response to the report published in
Outlook. Are you offended because the Nandan authorities objected to a
film which is cleared by the "Censor Board" or the film was screened
at IIFF, Goa? Do you believe that one should not raise questions
related to Centre-State relationship? Do you think that the Nandan
authorities have no right to ask the DFF the basis for the inclusion
of a particular film? Do you think that every article published in
Outlook on the Left should be taken care of? If yes, why you or Rahul
did not posted articles supporting the Centre on the Nuclear Deal?
As far as I know, you and Rahul and almost all the members of Vikalp
and Sarai are quite critical to the censorship and the activities of
DFF. I request you and others to see things in a perspective. I do not
think that the blind attack against the Left is going to serve any
purpose. Why did you or the writer of the article not speak when some
filmmakers and artists boycotted the Kolkata Film Festival? Then also,
the city was deprived of watching films because of such mindless

Prakash K Ray

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