[Reader-list] Here Come's Cowboy Ambassador Moriarty

Shambhu Rahmat shambhu.rahmat at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 23:40:43 IST 2008


"Moriarty was to prove very much an American cowboy in a Nepali china
shop." Read "cowboy" as euphemism for stoking conflict, murder and
mayhem. As the results favouring the Maoists come in from Nepal, Mr
Moriarty - their implacable opponent - must be wondering where he went

The US pumped millions of dollars into building up Nepal's security
forces. Military exchange programs got expanded, and the Royal
Nepalese Army (RNA) saw its numbers swell from a pre-2001 figure of
35,000 to 100, 000 in 2005 and a projected 150,000 by this year. US
military advisers swarmed the place, and the compliant RNA did their
bidding from sabotaging peace talks to murdering people in cold blood.

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