[Reader-list] from Kafila: to whom it may conecrn

Ravikant ravikant at sarai.net
Tue Apr 29 12:57:22 IST 2008

Hey where did Kafila go?

For those who have been thinking just that. This message comes from the Kafila 
The Kafila Group of Bloggers wishes to inform
 a) those offended/satisfied by its recent trail of porn links,
 b) puzzled/thrilled by disappearance of autorickshaws and new First World 
global cityscape look
 c) frustrated/vindicated by its complete unavailability over the past few 
 d) all of the above,
that we have been slowly and systematically HACKED but are working on it.
We would like to believe that the hackers are
a) the Chinese government
 b) the RSS
 c) They Who Must Not Be Named.
But most probably the hacking is due merely to Search Engine Optimization 
(only one of us is even remotely near understanding what this means, so most 
of us continue to be in a state of smug smirkiness about how dangerous we are 
to all sorts of Forces of Evil.)
 We hope to be back soon, our impudent little autos intact, so please bear 
with us.
 For those who dont really give a damn either way about kafila - consider the 
fact that this is no worse spam than ads for Cialis.

kafila Gr. 

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