[Reader-list] ActionAlert: Anti-coastal corridor struggle in AP

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Tue Apr 29 13:30:53 IST 2008

From: Chakradhar<samalochana at gmail.com>

*Dear all, *

*Add your name,Copy the following text and email to **cs at ap.gov.in*
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*Chief Secretary*

Government of Andhra Pradesh


Dear Sir,

Sub: This is in reference to the proposed coastal corridor regarding.

             We oppose the government's plan to set up industrial coastal
corridor in the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh. We feel it is
against the right to life guaranteed by Indian constitution as it
affects livelihoods of the marginalised sections in a big way.

The coastal corridor will prove determinant to marine life due to the
pollution caused by petro- chemical industries which are coming up as
part of coastal corridor.

Setting up coastal corridor in the paddy rich coastal districts will
sound death knell to food security of Andhra Pradesh.

In this context we make following demands

    1. Scrap SEZ act and G.O number 34 unconditionally.
    2. Don't acquire agricultural and coastal lands for industrial
       coastal corridor.
    3.  Don't pollute the fertile delta lands and destroy enormous marine

With warm regards,

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