[Reader-list] Dalrymple on Pakistan's "New Deal"

Naeem Mohaiemen naeem.mohaiemen at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 15:30:48 IST 2008

I post below yet another article that will sink without a trace in
Reader List, because:
1. It doesn't involve India...
2. It involves Pakistan, but isn't negative...

For the 0.2% that are interested, here is Dalrymple's latest...

A New Deal in Pakistan
By William Dalrymple
What happened in Khairpur was a small revolution—a middle-class
victory over the forces of reactionary feudal landlordism. More
astonishingly, it was a revolution that was reproduced across the
country. To widespread surprise, the elections in Pakistan were free
and fair; and Pakistanis voted heavily in favor of liberal centrist
parties opposed to both the mullahs and the army. Here, in a country
normally held up in the more Islamophobic right-wing press of Western
countries as the epitome of "what went wrong" in the Islamic world, a
popular election resulted in an unequivocal vote for moderate, secular


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