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Aarti Sethi aarti.sethi at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 23:08:36 IST 2008

i am not sure why a comparison of the violence by the LTTE with that of the
Indian state should make us think better of the Indian state?


On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 7:56 AM, simran chadha <getsim2222 at yahoo.co.in>

> hi,
>  i'm new to this list, Ravikant introduced me...so pick on him. thot i'll
> introduce myself else i feel like i'm evesdropping but shivam's questions
> were on target, i mean before u romanticize terrotists like robin hood
> figures, do take a look at what the LTTE is all about, not that that makes
> mahinda rajapakse's hands any less bloodier but this is no raja
> harishchandra here. take avisit to war torn colombo if the topic bothers u
> so much and c militancy upfront, believe me u'll think better about the
> indian state.
>  a question, can someone pl forward some poetry written by the naxalites,
> esp the female naxalites, am not sure if any exists coz i've never read any
> but do want to dispel my ignorance
>  have a nice day'
>  simran
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