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Subject: Niyamgiri Film on DVD/VCD

Dear Friends

After two years of hard work our film on Niyamgiri (the mountain of law) is
now complete and was released on 1st June 08 at a small gathering in Lohia
Academy. The film is divided into two parts named

1. Struggle for Democracy
2. Development & Devastation.

The first part is about the forceful land acquisition in Lanjigarh for the
alumina factory, the role of state, mafia presence and political patronage
as well as the resolution of the Dongria Kondh tribals of Niyamgiri who
claim not to leave the mountain even if they are beheaded. The second part
is what has happened since the factory came up -  the pollution, the loss of
livelihood, accidents, trafficking of women, and unimaginable terror. The
film is a major expose of the state govt and central govt and more so of the

After the first screening on Sunday Debjit Sarangi of Living farms said "The
film shatters all notions about the pre dominant development paradigm and
should be seen by as many people as possible".

We haven't been funded by anyone to make this film and it was possible only
through small donations and loans from friends. The only way to repay back
and continue making films is by ensuring bulk orders of the film from
institutions who are supportive of the cause of Niyamgiri. We request you to
buy at least 10 copies of the film. It is 96 min long and available on DVD
and CDs. The film costs Rs.1000/- per copy for instituions, Rs. 750/- for
individuals and we don't have a choice but to give it for free to people who
cant afford it like the tribals. In fact the more orders we get the more
free copies we can distribute in villages so please do order for as many
copies as you can!

We would like to mention that our last film PANI (WAR FOR WATER) on the
diversion of water from the Hirakud reservoir to industry (including
Vedanta's aluminium smelter) was a major factor in the success of a farmer's
movement against it. The film was screened in all the villages that were to
be affected by the diversion of water and not less than another 10,000
people joined the movement after watching the film (as claimed by senior
activists). The success of PANI motivates us to carry a similar exercise for
Niyamgiri. We request you to buy copies of PANI film which is priced at Rs.
500/- per copy. The film is 25 min long and is a short essay on the farmers
struggle to save their water and also for the first time the voice of those
displaced by the Hirakud dam fifty years ago has been captured in the film.

Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you.

Best wishes,
Surya Shankar Dash,
Samadrusti TV

P.s. A preview of the Niyamgiri film is available at
a preview of War for Water is available at

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