[Reader-list] Surviving Globalization

Vishal Rawlley vishal.rawlley at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 01:05:11 IST 2008

what a beautifully written piece! congratulations.

it got me thinking about a point that I have been pondering a while: counter

will there be a repeat counter culture? what precipitated it, then? was the
vietnam war cause alone? and why is the iraq war not cause enough? have
societies lost their ability to feel and react? is the job pressure that

what about songs, bandanas and bikes? sex and drugs? no one craves it

wasn't the counter culture mostly an emotional and artistic response - a
popular sentiment rather than an intellectual movement or informed activism?
isn't that why it caught the fancy of so many of us?

can we hope for a counter culture from india? why not?

yesterday i met a guy who wore a Che t-shirt and who works in a call center
in Gurgaon. last month i attended a *hasya kavi sammelan* which was full of
genuine wit, satire and humour. few months ago i saw young guys from Orrisa
on bikes doing an all India tour spreading the message of "world peace".
Jaspal Bhatti is doing a protest on fuel hike on TV just now...

should i laugh or should i cry?

On Sat, May 31, 2008 at 8:55 AM, Rana Dasgupta <rana at ranadasgupta.com>

> An essay I wrote recently about globalization, paranoia, apocalypse and
> the reconstruction of human society.
> :-)
> http://www.ranadasgupta.com/texts.asp?text_id=44
> R
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